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Bola Sol

Making You Richer

Money Columnist and Author. Aiming to build financial literacy and confidence within communities, especially women.

About me

Financial Adviser(DipFA) | Grazia Money Columnist | Author | Building Rich Girl Chronicles

Hello, I'm Bola Sol, a Financial Adviser (DipFA), Grazia Money Columnist, and author of 'How to Save It'. Since 2015, I've been dedicated to fostering environments where women can freely talk about and learn financial literacy. My work has been recognized by Forbes, BBC, The Financial Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian, Stylist Magazine, and Refinery 29. Currently, as Grazia Magazine's money columnist, I promote financial empowerment through education and dialogue.


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I've crafted a guide that's more than just a book—it's a roadmap to your financial empowerment. "Empowering Your Financial Journey: Wisdom for Women" is written specifically with you in mind, addressing the unique financial challenges and opportunities faced by women today.

Do you dream of buying your own home, starting a family, launching your dream business, or traveling the world? Whatever your aspirations, the foundation of these dreams begins with solid financial habits. In my book, I share with you the essential knowledge and tools needed to build a strong financial foundation that not only supports but accelerates your life goals.

Join me on this journey to transform how you think about and manage your finances.

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What I offer

Media Insights

As a recognised voice in financial journalism, I provide cutting-edge commentary and practical advice through the news, my columns and features in top-tier publications.

Workshops and Speaking Engagements

I am dedicated to sharing knowledge and inspiring change through dynamic workshops and impactful speaking engagements, aimed at building financial confidence one conversation at a time.

Brand Partnerships

I collaborate with companies to create meaningful partnerships that align with our shared goal of promoting financial literacy and empowerment. Through these collaborations, we can amplify our impact and reach more individuals with our message of financial independence.

Retina Ready

Community Building: My initiatives focus on bringing women together to foster a supportive environment where money matters are demystified, and financial literacy is accessible to all. Join Rich Girl Chronicles here!

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